Julia Goldani-Telles in The Carrie Diaries

Nat Wolff as Rick Stevens in Behaving Badly

otp challenge  4 fights: curious

"What made you realize, it came as such a surprise, you gonna run and hide, I’m curious. Forgive and forget, that’s what you said. You lost your head, I’m so curious. […] Tell me what you didn’t mention. Grant this wish and no more tension.”


5 legs, 4 eyes, 2 1/2 working pairs of lungs, and 2 dozen eggs


5 legs4 eyes2 1/2 working pairs of lungs, and 2 dozen eggs

Hi, I’m Isaac. I have retinoblastoma. We had surgery on one eye when I was younger so this is a glass eye. And then I’m going in to the hospital to have another surgery to take out the other eye. So, after that surgery, I’m just gonna be totally blind. But I’m lucky because I have this beautiful, smoking hot girlfriend, who’s way out of my league - Monica. And I have great friends like Augustus Waters to help me out. So, that’s what’s up. Thanks.


because you’re beautiful // tfios soundtrack by heeuko [ listen here

Because you`re beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence.” — John Green, TFIOS.

1. all of the stars — ed sheeran // 2. simple as this — jake bugg // 3. let me in— group love // 4. tee shirt — birdy // 5. all i want — kodaline // 6. long way down — tom odell // 7. boom clap — charli XCX // 8. while i’m alive — strfkr // 9. oblivion — indians // 10. strange things will happen — the radio dept // 11. bomfallarella — afasi & filthy // 12. without words — ray lamontagne // 13. not about angels — birdy // 14. no one ever loved — lykke li // 15. wait — m83 // 16. best shot — birdy & jaymes young (bonus)


John green vlog brothers


Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)- Zack & Fikshun (Phillip Chbeeb)

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